* Introduction to MCH | MCH at Present

The Mennonite Christian Hospital (MCH) is located at the North East Coast of Taiwan , which was established in 1947 by a group of medical missionaries from Mennonite Churches in the USA and Canada. The medical missionary work was initiated at aboriginal tribes in East Taiwan and later on, the service has expanded to all people.

Currently, the hospital is a 500-bed regional teaching facility. The services are including Internal medicine, Cardiology/Cardiac lab, Nephrology/Dialysis, General Surgery, Urological Surgery, Orthopedics, ENT, Neurosurgery, Radiation Oncology, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics, Rehabilitation, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Cardiac Surgery as well as Psychiatrics, etc. We have 890 employees, which consists of 70 medical staff, 385 nursing staff, 115 medical technologists, as well as 150 administrative personnel.

Our vision is to render the excellent medical service to the community through our medical missionary work. We emphasize the medical and gospel service as a whole to build the whole human body-soul-spirit ministry.

Besides the general medical care at the hospital, we have provided social services to the aboriginal, the indigent, and the poor. We have developed 200-bed medical facility for psychiatric patients and senile citizens in the vicinity, which has been opened since December2009.

* Department of Surgery
  • General Surgery-Members of the general surgery provides services in the following areas: trauma and minor injury, laparoscopic hernia repair and appendectomy, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, hepatobiliary disorders, breast care, ano-colorectal disease, and skin and soft tissue neoplasms.
  • Cardiac thoracic surgery-The cardiac thoracic team specializes in coronary artery bypass graft (CABG), valvuloplasty, aortic aneurysm surgery, extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), esophageal cancer care, and lung cancer.
  • Vascular surgery-The vascular service aims to offer a comprehensive range of advice and treatment of vascular conditions in collaboration with Department of Medical Imaging for angiography and invasive vascular radiology, for example: balloon angioplasty and thrombolytic therapy.
  • Neurosurgery
    Neurosurgery at MCH is delighted to have the world-class neurosurgeons and allied health professionals who specialize in all phases of neurological surgery for comprehensive management of brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve diseases and disorders to provide multidisciplinary care for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders.
  • Urology
    Our team of experts have strong dedication to providing the highest quality care in adult urology, pediatric urology, and female pelvic medicine. Treatment for a wide spectrum of disease and disorders include urinary tract infections, evaluation for prostatic, bladder, kidney and testicular cancers, pyelonephritis, renal and urinary calculi, venereal disease, sexual dysfunction. We use extra-corporeal shock wave lithotripsy, a non-invasive technique to relieve stones in the urinary tract. The sexual dysfunction clinic addresses the sexual problems of men and women and improves the quality of life for many couples.
* Orthopedics
The orthopedic team is made up of three outstanding orthopedic specialists working together with nurses, physiotherapists, social workers and other professionals to provide multidisciplinary care to both children and adults. This unique orthopedic service is devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. We treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions from minor sport injuries, arthritis, congenital and acquired joint deformity, osteomyelitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, to spine trauma and bone fracture. It is our aim, whenever possible, to minimize your pain and reduce recovery time that you can return back to work quickly.
* Rehabilitation Medicine
The rehabilitation medicine team consists of physicians, case managers, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists,speech therapists, and vocational counselors. They all work together with patients and families to establish rehabilitation goals, address current rehabilitation care needs; and plan for long term care options. The outpatient programs provide services for people with disability in neuro-muscular dystrophy, lumbar-sacrum degeneration, joint pain, sport injuries, stroke, spinal injury, cerebral palsy, post amputation rehabilitation program, developmental retardation, torticollis, and post-polio syndromes. Our staff are committed to restoring the highest level of independence possible to individuals with disabilities.
* Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Lai graduated from and trained in National Taiwan University Hospital. He specializes in chronic difficulties wound care( pressure ulcer, diabetic foot ulcers, Venous Stasis) , hands and facial trauma treatment and rehabilitation, beauty, breast reconstruction and plastic surgery.

* Obstetrics and Gynecology
The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at MCH has a rich history of providing health services for women and newborns in Hualien since 1950's. We deliver 1,800 new born babies annually. This figure represents two-third of new births in the region. Our maternity services include prenatal care, childbirth and newborn education, high risk pregnancy care, infertility, and postpartum support. Our gynecology clinic offers services for cervical cancer screening, general gynecological problems, menopause, and gynecological cancers. In the interest of adolescent and young adults, we dedicate a family planning clinic that provide sexual health counseling and cervical cancer vaccination program for the under-age individuals. Breast cancer screening is another important area of our clinical task force. As we look back the last 50 years of our clinical service, we forget what is already behind and look ahead on the goal which God has called us to do by reassuring every women receive the highest quality of obstetrics and gynecological care.
* Paediatrics
The Paediatrics Department at MCH, through the years of our dedication to the wellness of the infants and children of all age, earns parents' trust and reputation from the local community. Our service makes up the majority of the Hualien pediatric health services. Not only do we provide high standard clinical care, we train pediatricians and nurses to ensure they are kept up-to-date with the new innovation and knowledge in pediatric medicine. The Department is delighted to have the academic scholar and pediatric immunologist Dr. Luke Wen-Hsiung Huang to join our department. Since his appointment, we have created pediatric subspecialties such as immunology and rheumatology, gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, cardiology, neonatology, and developmental paediatrics that allow us to offer general pediatric service, asthma clinic, neonatal vaccination programs, and auto-immune & rheumatic clinic. Anyone under age of 15 is welcome to make appointment with our specialists. It's our aim that from the moment your child is born to the day he or she graduates from university, you can give us the privilege to be part of their development, assisting every parent making right decision about their child's medical treatment and most importantly watching them grow and reach full adulthood.
* Accident & Emergency Medicine
24 hours emergency services with board certified emergency physician on duty.
* Department of Medicine
The Department of Medicine has long tradition of excellence in patient care, teaching, and research. In 1951, Dr. Carl Epp, MD accepted the appointment of Chief of Internal Medicine, trained first group of medical residents, and treated countless tuberculosis patients in the rural clinics. Fifty years later, that tradition continues. Dr. Sun Hong-Je presides the chair of the Department of Clinical Medicine, with a strong commitment to expanding new specialties and innovating diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. In collaboration with Department of Medical Education, the clinical teaching curriculum includes bedside teaching, weekly medical conferences, and hospital grand rounds. There are 22 specialists and 20 support staff working across eight specialties: gastroenterology, neurology, nephrology, infectious disease, pulmonary medicine, endocrinology, and cardiology,. We commit to provide high standard of patient care, train new doctors and nurses of tomorrow, and become a new leader in the regional primary care.
* Department of Mental Health
The Department consists of three board certified psychiatrists and provides a broad range of clinical services to those needing mental health and substance abuse treatments. We support the mission of training and educating students in the mental health discipline. Our expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of adult, senile, and child & adolescent mental disorders have helped many people step out the difficult time of their life.
* Radiation Oncology
Special equipment:linear accelerator treatment room
* Department of Dentistry
The Department of Dentistry has a rich history of providing dental care in Hualien. First dental service commences in 1952 with Dr. Kunigunde Brunner training 10 aboriginal dental technicians and administering tooth extraction service for the aboriginals in the mountain villages. In the past 56 years, staff at MCH Dentistry have traveled every corner of Hualien County and treated countless patients with dental diseases. Today, it is one of the largest multi-specialty dental practices in the area. Our full-time dental surgeons provide general dentistry for adults and children, periodontal services, orthodontics, and oral maxillofacial surgery. We strive to provide the fine quality of care to our dental patients in an atmosphere that promotes a strong doctor-patient relationship. Our patients are assured of comprehensive dental care provided by our clinical and support staffs in a pleasant environment.
* Department of Community Health and Family Medicine
The Department of Community Health and Family Medicine inherits early medical missionaries' work of mobile medical services in the rural community. Staff at Mennonite Community Health Department carry a mission to ensure every individual within our society receive the best health care possible. The Department is a multi-disciplinary team under Dr. Liu Ming-Chien and Superintendent Ms. Rose Lin's leadership. There are 7 family medicine specialists on duty, 5 residents in training, and 30 supportive staff. Our core principles are patient-centered approach in community-based clinical practice, continuity of care, health prevention, learner-centered education, and excellence in research. The clinical task forces include Integrated Health Delivery System (IDS) in the rural community, a joint project funded by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, as well as Family Medicine OPD clinics, Mennonite physical examination center, occupational medicine, preventive health and public health promotion, and nursing care. While we provide quality medical care to the people of Hualien, we are preparing the family practice leaders of tomorrow. Our popular family medicine residency program receives the Taiwan Association of Family Medicine accreditation and meets the guidelines of the national resident training course specified by the Ministry of Education and Department of Health. We dedicates to train and educate our residents the skill and knowledge necessary to practice the family medicine of the future. It is our aim that our work contributes to the betterness of the people's health and social welfare.
* Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery
Our Ear, Neck & Throat surgeons are nationally recognized otolaryngologists who can offer full range of diagnostic and treatment services for the disorders of ears, nose, and throat, neoplasms of ears, nose, and throat, and lymphadenopathy of neck.
* Ophthalmology
The Opthalmology Department, formerly the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) eye clinic in 1948, tells the story of the Mennonite medical evangelism in the mountain villages. From the moment the first group of medical missionaries arrived in Taiwan treating eye infections in the rural area to this present time that the department is now incorporated to the Mennonite Christian Hospital, our eye specialists continue the early missionaries' work and provide vision services as followed: cataract, glaucoma, eye infection, vision care, microsurgery, oculoplasty, retinal photocoagulation laser surgery. We welcome you to utilize our services and make appointment with our specialists.
* Dermatology
Our dermatologists are board certified physicians who specialize in the diagnostics and treatments of dermatitis, eczema, bullous dermatoses, cutaneous fungal infection, diseases of hairs, nail, and hair follicles, and neoplasms of skin. Cosmetic laser surgery & anti-aging medicine are also available. The Department provides undergraduate and postgraduate medical education courses for medical interns and residents.
* Department of diagnostic imaging

Radiological services provided (imaging modalities):
1.Computed Tomography(CT scan): Head & Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis, and spine
2.Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI):Head, abdomen, soft tissue, pelvis, and spine
3. Angiography coronary angiography/others angiography and venography/intravascular therapy
4. Bone Matrix Density (BMD):lumbar spine density/hip density/forearm density

1.Computed Tomography(CT scan)

2.Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI)

3. Angiography

4. Bone Matrix Density (BMD)
Postpartum Care:
To meet the high standard of postpartum care, Mennonite Christian Hospital opens the Postpartum Care Unit in 2000 with 45 inpatient beds, including 25 infant beds, that offers full range of obstetric services to new mothers and their babies. The average occupancy rate is over 85% monthly.
Nursing Home:
In view of providing extended care to the long-term senior residents with chronic illness, Mennonite Christian Hospital establishes the Nursing Home in 2000. Since its opening, the directorate has expanded its services to include rehabilitation program, daycare service, and urgent care. Moreover, the directorate was voted the best long term care facility in the region by Hualien County Health Bureau in 2004, 2006 and 2007.
Hemodialysis Center:

The Hemodialysis Center opens its service in 1995 and expands the number of bed to thirty in 2003. Taiwan Nephrology Society reviews and awards “Excellence Institute” certificate to MCH renal center in 2006. Given its brilliant contribution to renal care, MCH has completed additional 12 more hemodialysis beds to accommodate the increasing demand of patient services in Hualien region in 2007.

To meet the needs of the public, our hospital has successively introduced advanced medical concepts and methods domestically and internationally, and set up MRI scanners, computed tomography scanners, electronic video endoscopes, high-level obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound scanners, vitreous and retinal surgery systems, cardiology color ultrasound, and other equipment. In 2012, the Dental Medical Demonstration Center for Patients with Disabilities was established, and the dental three-in-one computed tomography X-ray machine was introduced.In 2013, the Division of Nuclear Medicine was established, and a gamma-ray camera was introduced. In 2014, a second cardiac catheterization room was established, and a fully digital two-way flat-panel cardiovascular X-ray machine was added.In 2015, the old MRI scanners were replaced with new ones. In 2016, the old high-standard image navigation therapy linear accelerators were replaced with new ones. In 2018, a new generation of positron computed tomography (PET-CT) was introduced. In 2019, 4D Computed Tomography (4DCT) was introduced. The above equipment has contributed to improving the quality and integrity of cancer diagnoses and treatment in our hospital. The examinations and follow-ups of patients with cancer no longer have to rely on out-of-hospital examinations, which significantly shortens the time and suffering of patient diagnoses and treatment, and improves the timeliness of precise diagnoses and treatment.

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