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Love makes everything possible...MCH 2014 Hope Project
We hope to fulfill the hope project by 2014.
With God's mercy and public support, Phase 1 of the project, the Shou-Fong Branch of MCH, had been finished on March 20, 2010.

The major tasks of the Shou-Fong Branch include:


To care people with dementia.
To provide withdrawal programs to alcoholic patients.
To enhance medical care capacity and accessibility in Shou-Fong township, Hualien.

Phases 2 and 3 of the project which are to construct a healthy community for seniors
will proceed soon. We are still in need of your prayer and support.

You can help us by participating in the "Building homes, nurturing love" tree adoption events.

MCH had planted more than 4,000 trees in the community not only to enhance air quality and soil conservation, but also to reduce temperature in the area.
These trees will also cut carbon dioxide emissions by more than 48,000 kg per year.

We need your contribution to help the trees grow up.
With your support, we can make it better.
MCH invites you to join us in the tree-adoption program.

Adoption method
1) For five thousand NTD, you can adopt a tree.
2) Plaque with a donor's name will be hung on each tree.


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